Run On Server in Actor Don't Work

An actor is in level. I start by PIE without Dedicated Server.
Why is no “hello” on the server?
it only works in character.
Only Multicast works.


This works
So is ros disabled for everything else and can only work with multicast? Has that always been, or has Epic changed that?

The answer you posted would work without making the function call because it’s not sending that function from a client to the server, it’s sending from the server to everyone then only printing hello if it’s the server. basically just sending everyone data they don’t need to receive just to print on its own client locally which is a huge inefficiency that’s just unnecessary extra work for the server to do especially if its being called in a tick instead of beginplay. multicast is only supposed to be used if you’re trying to send data to every client that every client will probably be needing. That can be useful for keeping everything in sync. but hypothetically run on server should call the function from a clients game on the servers clients player blueprint instead of their own. at least to my understanding but I have not been able to get it to work