Run on angle

trying to make an endless runner type game so the player is always running. i have a 40 degree angle i want my player to run on. I’m trying to make him run at a 90 degree angle to the ground he’s on instead of upright to the flat ground. any help would be great thanks. super new to UE4.

I’m a little confused. You first said you wanted your player to run on a 40 degree angle and then you said you want him to run at 90 degrees to the ground. Are you able to elaborate a little bit? Maybe break it down step by step what you’re trying to achieve?

yeah, with a sketch or screenshot pls.
If you want your player to stay orthogonal to the surface (his up axis at aligned with the normal/ front axis at a 90 degree angle to the tangent) you could probably achieve that with a hit event or lineTrace result breakdown.

I guess he means this

Found this Answer Set rotation actor with impact normal - Blueprint - Epic Developer Community Forums

edit: well… partial answer :3

this is a pic of want I want to achieve

Okay so my attempt number one didn’t quite work… Attempt number one

Interesting problem, will keep trying.

thanks heaps I just can’t figure it out all the help I can get will be fantastic

still haven’t found anything on this. if anyone has any ideas really would like some help.