Run Gun Sword Punch Kick

Hello Gamers, I am ,
I’m a young game maker.
this is my first game.
It is called Run Gun Sword Punch Kick.
It is a Local multiplayer Third-person shooter game.

My big bro noticed that I was good at map making in Super Smash Bros for Wii and also making levels in Mario Flash games.

I started with a template and went off from there.

Been following Blueprint tutorials and adding bits to my game.

Favourite thing is map making, but I ran out of time for this game so I used infinity blade maps.

bugs / Future additions
Punching doesn’t damage character - couldn’t get player damage to work, makes dead player bounce around
display for player health, ammo - wouldn’t load on the screen
Proper start screen - had problems making splash screen disappear
Add Kicking - Movement Animset Pro for UE4
Weapon Select
Player Choose Model
Select Number of players - default to 4
Fix weapon model colliding with player model
Damage reaction for player and objects

Keys / Controller
WASD / Left Thumbstick - Movement
Mouse / Right Thumbstick - Move camera
Jump - SpaceBar / Gamepad_FaceButton_Bottom
Switch to No Weapon - Q / Gamepad_FaceButton_Top
Switch to Sword - One / Gamepad_LeftShoulder
Switch to Rifle - Two / Gamepad_RightShoulder
Attack - LeftMouseButton / Gamepad_RightTrigger
Sprint - LeftShift / Gamepad_LeftThumbstick
AltAttack - RightMouseButton / Gamepad_LeftTrigger
Roll - LeftAlt / Gamepad_RightThumbstick
Reload - R / Gamepad_FaceButton_Right
RestartLevel - H / Gamepad_Special_Right
Punch - Gamepad_FaceButton_Left / MiddleMouseButton / LeftControl
D-Pad Up - Test Level
D-Pad Left - Ice Level
D-Pad Right - Grass Level
D-Pad Down - Quit

I’m going to work on it a bit on the holidays, but I’ll be mostly working on a FNAF fan game.

Ideas are welcome for both games.