Run EQS Query

Hi guys,

I have my EQS query setup and it’s working pretty great in the Behavior Tree. I wanted to run a query VIA blueprint (to spawn enemies) but I can’t seem to workout what to put in the parameter for “Querier”.

I placed my spawner entity but it refused to work. Is there something of a specific class that needs to go in here?


I haven’t ran the run EQS from a blueprint yet, actually trying to find more info out myself about it now; however, I do know that the “querier” is the actor performing the EQS query, same as when you run it in a behavior tree. In the behavior tree, querier defaults to the controller running the behavior tree. You should be able to just plug a “self” pin into the querier pin and it would work, assuming you are running the node from within the blueprint you want to query from. I say should because I’m not sure if it must be a controller but I think it can be an actor.

Good luck, let me know if this helps!

For everyone still interested in finding out how to run EQS queries from a blueprint: You need to “Bind Event to OnQueryFinishedEvent”. Apparently, it takes a (short?) while to execute the query, and you need to wait for the results to come back.

That event will have a pin for the query instance, which you can use to get either locations, or actors.


It worked for me! Thx

Worked for me as well, thank you! But I think it’d be better to call the bind event node on activate instead on each tick. Not sure if it’ll work in this case but I feel it will be a better solution. Going to try later today.

Hi. Is there any way to pass Query Params into blueprint version? Looks like it works in Behavior Tree only.
We need to run different queries on different actors. It’s not very clever to make a lot of EQS_Queries when one (with parameters) is enough.

Oh, nevermind. Solution was on the surface, as always :wink:


Feelsstupidman. It’s obvious that query isn’t finished in the same frame (or even thread?), so you need to bind an event.

Thanks! Saved me from using awful behavior tree.

Even I want to know about it