Rules for using free content

What are or where can I find the rules for using free content from the market place for commercial release? To help reference my question I’m referring to things like like grass or trees and sky or clouds. I’m not planning on using UE created vehicles or characters or buildings ect. just the more generic things found in nature like forests, desert floor, or grassy fields.

Any content you get on the UE marketplace is yours to use and publish for free or commercial use under the condition that it’s part of a packaged game. Here’s some things you can’t do:

  • Put an asset from the Marketplace and distribute it without being part of a game. (You can’t put a mesh from the Marketplace on Thingiverse, or a sound on Freesound, or put the whole pack on the Unity asset store.)

  • Distribute the asset in a usable format as part of a game. If you’ve put some Marketplace content in a game, and you want to put all of the game’s content and source on Github, for instance, then you must strip the Marketplace content out.

But, it is fine to put the Marketplace content in a game, package it, and distribute the game anywhere.

So, the general rule: Never release the content alone, and never distribute the .uasset file. If you’re doing anything normal, you’re safe!

Hope this helps

Very helpful_Thank you so much