rules about deliberately crashing peoples servers?

A friends server was crashing on restart, so they went through removing mods and found it to be Joan’s Mods. So one of his admins questioned her on a discussion and was told his server was blacklisted. Seems to me that means there would be malicious code inside the mod to crash his server if he uses them?


Is this acceptable practice?

I doubt there is malicious code inside the mod itself. That is highly unlikely. More likely is that a mod update happened that messed up everyone’s servers (appears that way from the comments), and coincidentally Joann mentioned that there when he noticed it was one of the admins from that server. If Steam is legitimately doing that, then I guess so. Steam’s rules and policies /shrug. Not sure at all, just assuming if it is indeed happening, then Steam found grounds for taking such action.

I have read some of the comments in regards of this issue.

Very very sad. We as a community should help each other, and not being selfish.

Well it was because that friend of yours i.e. “Kustom” was violating the terms of conduct, as he spams the mod page with repeated insults and threats and personal attacks against community members. And he posts lies out of spite that a mod is broken or that it crashes people, to discourage them from using it. After several warnings he still continued doing it. Not once but over and over he wouldn’t stop, obviously admins would have gotten a lot of evidence to take action against him, and he’s lucky he wasn’t banned entirely.
Don’t cause trouble and treat people with respect. Troublemakers will end up getting what they deserve.

As far as I am aware there is no way to make a ‘targeted’ attack with a mod on anyone. Most likely the mod simple doesn’t work and the developer is just a dill hole for a) not fixing it b)not pulling it from the market and c) Not warning people it may crash there game. I had my mod crashing systems at one time it was a very innocent situation where a game update and ark dev update created the problem. I Hide the mod slapped a huge do not use banner across the top and took a couple of days to figure out that I needed to use the latest primaldata file to correct the problem. Long story short it effected everyone no one specifically it is all in how you handle the problem as they can and will occur.