Ruins - Stones

Ruins - Stones

Modular, universal Stone Ruins from which you can create buildings such as abandoned medieval castles, ancient fortresses, fantastic structures and other types of buildings. Prepared for games and other projects.



All Components have been created in order to get the best effect for modern computer games. Materials use PBR (Physically Based Rendering) and contain Textures with information types such as Base Color, Roughness, Normal Map, Ambient Occlusion and Masks. Materials has customisable Parameters and the Ruins’ Material is ready for Vertex Painting. There is also a simple version of the Material. Each object has a minimum of three LOD (Levels Of Detail). Mid-poly, Low-poly (manually simplified), VeryLow-poly (automatically reducted model). So you can choose the best version for your project. Meshes, Base Material and Textures have been specially prepared to give infinitely many and easy possibilities to customize Ruins for your unique project and to suit your taste.

The main idea was to create realistic, historically compliant and constructurally correct Ruins. Best for creating medieval castles and ancient fortresses while still maintaining maximum universality. Therefore, these elements can be successfully used to create Ruins on different continents and in different historical ages, and in completely fictional places, everywhere, where we can find a mortar-bound stone.

I leave room for your imagination and for the specific needs of your project.

Demo scene (included)

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1) Main (ruins and plants)

Unique Elements : 21

  • Arch_01 (Triangles: 8812, low-poly: 2318)
  • Column_01 (Triangles: 988, low-poly: 278)
  • Column_Base_01 (Triangles: 986, low-poly: 583)
  • Column_Capital_01 (Triangles: 1302, low-poly: 476)
  • Plant_Grass_01 (Triangles: 434, low-poly: 132)
  • Plant_Maple_01 (Triangles: 457, low-poly: 320)
  • Rubble_01 (Triangles: 9680, low-poly: 1456)
  • Stair_01 (Triangles: 730, low-poly: 164)
  • Stone_01 (Triangles: 518, low-poly: 112)
  • Stone_Block_01 (Triangles: 1160, low-poly: 562)
  • Wall_200x150_01 (Triangles: 23016, low-poly: 3316)
  • Wall_400x300_01 (Triangles: 69850, low-poly: 8368)
  • Wall_Slant_200x150_01 (Triangles: 18032, low-poly: 3302)

Unique Meshes: 46 (LOD0, LOD1)
Base Materials: 4
Material Inst.: 38
Textures: 62 - Resolution:

  • 8192x8192 (x4)
  • 4096x4096 (x22)
  • 2048x2048 (x29)
  • 1024x1024 (x7)
  • 512x512 (x2)

Blueprint Prefabs: 34
Collision: Yes
LOD: Yes (ready LOD0, LOD1, LOD2)

2) Additional (clouds, landscape etc.)

Demo scenes: 3
Unique Meshes - Additional: 2
Base Materials - Additional: 4
Material Inst. - Additional: 1

3) Overall

Supported Development Platforms: Windows


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