Rubik's Cube in C++

Hi guys,

here it is a small project that I put together to practice some c++ in Unreal 4.


I’m releasing the source code too:

I hope that it can be useful for some people trying to learn c++ in unreal.


This is awesome, thanks for sharing this with us

Awesome (: Seems like a very clear project, though i have no idea about itween.

Thanks for sharing this!

Thanks! iTween is a very popular tweening plugin for Unity that is been ported to Unreal by Jared Therriault. Here is the post in the forum:!/



(: Thanks for the Info. I came across the thread once, but had no use of it. Will bookmark it for the future.

Pretty neat. I didn’t see any win condition in your code (unless I just missed it somewhere), you should add one. Maybe keep track of the number of moves and use it as a simple score mechanism.

Just commited the code for a win condition and step counter =)

Sorry, i’m new to Unreal Engine.
Could you please tell me why i’m not able to open this? Says something about rebuilding, because of newer version but it won’t work :frowning:

HI man i download it, clone it ,but i can’t open this project , which version ue4 you use?