Rubble and Debris - Modular Set

Hello everybody!
Package is released:

Recently we released a rubble/debris pack for another game engine.
Currently I’m working on updating it and importing everything into Unreal Engine.
All current screenshots/images were captured with Marmoset.
This is current specifications for the whole package:

The contents are set in a realistic setting and are made with current and next gen in mind with each piece
coming complete with several LOD levels and lightmap UVs to fit every project.

**Debris Pieces Specifications:
-50 Standalone debris pieces
-4K PBR Textures
-2 LOD levels
-Optimized Polycount
-2nd UV channel is included in each piece for lightmap baking

Tiled Texture Specification:
-4 Tiled textures
-4K PBR with heightmap

Rubble Piles Specifications:
-5 Standalone pieces
-4 Small standalone pieces
-2 Corner sections
-4K PBR textures
-Compatible and optimized for mobile games
-Highest LOD setting per piece averages at 3k-4k triangles
-4 LOD levels per piece at 100/66/33/10 percentages
-2nd UV channel is included in each piece for lightmap baking

Price will be set to 30$**

I will gladly hear any suggestions or comments to make it better and more appealing for game makers.

Youtube video:


Hey guys,
I’ve submitted package and waiting for approval from Epic. Once its approved I will update the thread.
I’ve made a tutorial/example video:
And I’m attaching some images withing unreal.

Hey guys, the package was approved by Unreal and available in marketplace: Unreal_Big.jpg