Just running a test with RTX features. I’m happy with the result the RTGI could be abit better,currently is create too much noise(1 GI bounce and 20 spp). I know that feature is experimental though, so the quality should improved in the future.

If you’re just doing renders though you can always just turn up the settings, even if it takes 5x longer that’s still very very fast

Increasing the samples didn’t yield better GI and increasing bounce = driver crash. The frame rate for this image is 5-6 fps.

LOL. What graphic card did you used for it?

RTX 2080Ti Founder Edition. It’s a 4 million triangle scene. Without RTGI it’s about 20 fps.

Very clean scene good job!
Would it somehow be possible to store all you’ve already ray-traced (player camera), so that if you explore the whole room all the lighting will already be known…? So you have it at low fps the first time and (almost) never after for instance?

Sounds like you want to bake all the RTGI to a lightmap? I don’t think that’s possible in 4.22 , probably in the future though.

Might be a bug since it’s an incomplete feature, or maybe it just uses a lot of memory.

You mean like baking the lighting :slight_smile:

Yeah, but at 5-6 fps, not 5-6 hours

this scene is raytracing (lit mode) or pathtracing ?

raytrace lit mode, i’m working on a new scene to further test real-time GI. I guess we won’t see further improvement from this tech until Summer this year at Siggraph. RTGI is really splotchy with more than 1 bounce. If would be super useful if you could increase quality with higher setting even at a lost of frame rate(sub 5 fps). Also wish I could output render passses, take them into Nuke/Fusion and recreate the final beauty pass, this gives more control over image manipulation.

I also use temporal sharpen(.5) material in post process to combat the lost in texture detail from Temporal AA.

How did you manage to enable GI? I never get visual difference with GI or not. Good work anyway!

Nice work SonKim. All the more since your room is predominantly white and from my experience RTGI struggles most with getting bright albedo’s noise-free-ish.
Improvements are coming sooner btw. Dev-rendering on Github already has some new stuff added for 4.23 Just not sure how big of a difference that will make but we will see xD

@SonKim If you want to experiment with higher quality where fps is a sub-issue, try adding stuff like this to your level blueprint. You then start your PIE session, press your first hotkey (in my case H) to activate higher settings, make your screenshots and on exit/escape things are set back to speed again.

Have you tried to set your system TDR Delay to a higher value? More than one bounce increases the rendertime significantly and the driver crashes if a frame is computing longer than a few seconds.…128745489.html