RTX Unreal Engine Cloud development

Now that Unreal 4.22 supports RTX, I believe many developers are considering upgrading their hardware…

After reading this poston the forums I did some research, and I believe that the future of RTX relies on cloud gaming services such as NVIDIA Geforce Now or Google Stadia, so RTX may come faster than expected.

On the other side as devs we are looking forward to a technology that will probably evolve quite quickly on the next few years requiring frequent hardware updates and related costs.

I was used to pay a monthly fee when Unreal was released, and I would be ready to pay a similar fee to develop in a cloud system which natively supports Unreal.

I know that I could setup my own server on Paperspace, but I see several ways this could be more proficient if somehow run by Epic maybe making an agreement with such providers (for example experimental machines or builds) while making a profit out of it.

The product would also be great for Unreal Studio users…

Just an idea…



I don’t think the cloud stuff is going to take off like some people expect, and I know for development I wouldn’t want to rely on a cloud service. In gaming, the big issue is the delay, even one frame of lag is noticeable, and likely it’s going to be higher than that and probably a large amount of gamers will still want to have consoles to avoid the issue. Plus–much of the U.S. has poor internet service and it won’t work as well for them anyway.

Yeah, I got to beta test Stadia. Vastly preferred playing Odyssey native after I got the copy, and by all accounts it hasn’t changed any since. Which is to say nothing of the cost that such a thing would entail, Stadia has zero announced price, nor does Geforce Now. I actually went ahead and calculated how much it would have to cost to compete with owning a Playstation 4 over a couple years, and unless these services cost less than $5 a month a console is still cheaper.