RTX Support?

I was curious as to when we can begin to expect Raytracing in the engine? I have a project I have been working on that is a animation that I am wanting to render at the best quality I possibly can. The only thing struggling so far in it is the shadows. And for some reason baking just isn’t working on my scene either. When I run it half of my map is only getting baked. Spent countless hours trying to figure out to no solution. Would love to give RTX a try around January potentially.

I checked the Trello roadmap but im not seeing it in there… And I heard its coming at 4.22, is this not the case? If so when can we expect it?


Bump, anyone else curious?

One last bump, anyone know when it could be coming?

I think they’re trying to bring an early access out with 4.22 but most likely will not be ready for production. Last I heard 4.22 is planned to come out in March.

Hope that helps.