RTX in Cinematic Scalability

Hey guys,

I’ve read a while ago that when RTX in UE4 comes out, there will be some form of a backwards compatibility with older GPUs (Probably as long as your gpu supports DX12?).
And I was wondering if Epic is planning on maybe implementing RayTracing in even higher quality that doesn’t have to run in real-time? After all, the Cinematic Scalability is supposed to be only used for offline rendering with Sequencer, right? So a feature like that would mean that people can create even better looking cinematics, short-films etc. without having to own an RTX card.

Anyone knows if Epic is maybe working on something like that? It would make a lot of people happy, who use UE4 mostly as a rendering tool for their cinematics.

Maybe, but there’s Vray plugins for Unreal so I don’t think they would invest resources on that.

I asked some devs that during siggraph vancouver 2018
there’s nothing confirmed for final release
but they were thinking of things like a quality slider for rendering, and having longer than realtime RTX-type renders.
all i know is they wanted to make it scalable and accessible to many users

I hope so, most rendering software allows you to set the amount of samples to control quality during preview and rendering.

still waitin on 4.22

but some guy has been posting some early test build renders with it