RTX 3070 laptop 85W 1290Mhz for archviz UE5

Hi there, I’m interested in working in UE5 on a productive laptop with good cooling and a regular discrete 3070 RTX with a frequency of 1290 boost 85W instead of a “gaming” 3070 RTX with a 1650 Mhz boost clock. After all, the amount of graphics memory and the CUDA core are the same, except that the process of baking light maps will take a little longer. Does it make sense to overpay for the performance of 20%?

Hi CGBellkov,

With Laptops, it’s not just about the gfx card, it’s also the CPU memory bandwidth and type of storage system (eg SSD or M.2) - and probably most importantly it’s about heat generation - laptops throttle a lot more than desktops for this reason.

At 85W though, if you’re able to get good performance - that’s pretty amazing! Test the laptop with UE5 and a project similar to what you’re wanting on it before handing over any money though is my advice.