RTX 2080 NVlink

Does UE 4.21 support dual GPU RTX 2080 connected via NVlink? Will engine read it like one GPU with 16 GB memory?

No, it does not

Thank you for answer. After I read this article: Unreal Engine + $60,000 GPU = Amazing, real-time raytraced Star Wars [Updated] | Ars Technica, i can guess that multiple GPU’s connected via NVlink could be supported in newer version of Unreal Engine?
I’am asking becuase I’am going to buy a worskstation and I’am wondering, if buying 2xRTX 2080 is worth it for future projects?

It *could *be added, but I wouldn’t count on it. The features that Epic is adding are not using Nvidia tech like what is written about in that article, that was mainly Epic working with Nvidia to showcase the new Nvidia technology.

The only thing it probably will work is the feature of NVlink using the total VRAM as one, meaning 2 cards * 8 GB == 16GB, other than that it is necessary that Epic implements the features which are not handled by default in DirectX, like how the workload is processed by the N GPUs available and which card is responsible for video output. Since, the roadmap is outdated in some parts it is hard to tell when and if these features will be available.

I wouldn’t expect that unless Epic says something to that effect, currently there are no plans.