RTT Walls of Muirthemne [WIP]

Hi Unreal community, wanted to show what im doing. Its a fan-made mini game/remake of Bungies Myth II Soulblighter (1998). The goal is to learn as much as possible of Unreal Engine 4. Ive been researching all the aspects while creating. At this point ive done most of the AI/mechanics. Need to fix some bugs, add interface and finish shaders and creating assets for the level.

I’ve made a video presentation that shows the various stages of development - first outside of Unreal and than AI, controlls etc inside Unreal.

It took me a lot of time to create the models, do the retopology, add a proper uv mapping, bake maps, do the overall texturing, rigging, animating and do the logic inside UE4, but and I must say, I love the visual programming, althought i have a masters degree in computer science and programming, I find programming so boring and non-artistic but visual programming is so appealing to me :slight_smile:

It is still WIP.