RTSP support for streaming video in MediaPlayer on Windows

Hi All,

On the [Media Framework Technical Reference][1] page it states that there is support for the RSTP protocol for streaming video with the WmfMedia Player on Windows. It also states support for h.264. I’ve tried this with a stream that is reported as follows in VLC


This doesn’t play, reporting this error:

LogWmfMedia:Warning: Failed to finish resolve rtsp:// The server is not a compatible streaming media server.

Is there any more information available on what is supported? Even with all the verbose logging activated via the engine config this is all the feedback that is given. Has anyone managed to stream video into the engine that would be willing to share their configuration? My only constraint is that the stream be playable on Windows (10).


I have same problem, do you resolve it?

No, afraid not. Would need some guidance from epic. Bit of a black box to me.

I have same problem, do you resolve it?

i got similar issue, it report :
LogWmfMedia: Error: Failed to resolve URL https://dnnrz1gqa.blob.core.windows.net/portals/attachments/Engine/MediaFramework/HowTo/StreamMediaSource/Infiltrator%20Demo.mp4?sr=b&si=DNNFileManagerPolicy&sig=F%2BBpnYueeQTUTSW0nCRSrXEfr35LIawe7C3MQoe2%2FPI%3D: 0x80072efd

I think your url is wrong

I have the same problem,why ?//