RTS vs Team FPS Game Concept

Well, this is my first topic started on the unreal forums. I hope I put it in the right spot! :smiley:

I have an idea. Not necessarily the drive to carry it out, but an idea. And I don’t even necessarily want to make it into a game, just chat about it and see what people think of it.

Lets say I wanted to create a game. This game is a First Person Shooter for some guy and his friends. They play on campaign style levels with units that spawn, and they march along from point A to B like a Doom or Halo style campaign. Maybe there’s some other objectives, but for the most part it plays like any other campaign shooter. Super human elites that can move unlike the AI they are fighting.

For another player, he plays on the opposite team. But not as a shooter, he plays as an RTS. Commanding the units on the map, telling them when and where to to, who to shoot, where to throw grenades and any other commands you would expect from an RTS. Bosses could play like MOBA heroes - telling them when and where to use their special abilities with cooldowns.

Do you think this would be a fun game? How would you restrict what the RTS player can and cannot do? Will it be zone controlled? Will he have to buy units throughout the level or be assigned a number of units per zone?

How will the players playing a shooter lose? Will it be reaching the end of the level in a certain amount of time? Running the RTS player out of resources? Can they pick eachother up off the ground all revive-style?

Just an idea because I’m at home and bored tonight.

I won’t help you refine that idea(not for free :P); but yeah. That’d be fun.