RTS Toolkit

I couldn’t find a thread for this product, so here goes.

Now, it’s $20. Two lunches. Not the end of the world. But this doesn’t really solve, or show solutions for, any of the things I wanted a head start on.

This toolkit has a number of shortcomings.

The biggest shortcoming is that it has no networking support. Networking is the #1 problem to solve in an RTS game. Without networking, it’s nowhere near a “complete” toolkit.

The second big shortcoming is that it puts a bunch of logic in the level blueprint. That is not the place to put it. Logic should go in your regular blueprints, such as game mode, game state, player pawn, and such. Level blueprints have all kinds of shortcomings, the biggest of which is that, if you change a rule, you have to update ALL of your level blueprints.

Smaller annoyances include not scrolling when the cursor reaches the edge of the window. I have to click the minimap to scroll the viewport. That’s pretty bad for any kind of RTS; pushing against the edge of the screen to scroll is RTS UI 101 and should be part of any “complete toolkit” for an RTS.

Another fun bug: When I “spawn workers” and they are close to each other, they will go flying 20 meters into the air. (One worker was harvesting right where the next worker was spawning)

More bugs:

  • If I click “spawn soldiers” five times in a row, once the timeout is reach for building the first soldier, a group of 5 soldiers appears.
  • The minimap doesn’t actually render my entities or the geometry of the level; it’s just a gray square. (4.11, GeForce GTX 980, Windows 10)
  • The minimap-to-world translation of coordinates doesn’t use the correct geometry pipeline, so the initial player spawn must be constrained to a particular orientation to work right.
  • If I press alt-enter while playing a stand-alone game (which full-screens the window) and then click the minimap, the camera pans to some area that’s totally black, and I can’t get back to view the actual game area.

The “fog of war” system doesn’t retain resource meshes that I have previously seen. Typically, when exploring, the fog lifts for things I can see, and then whatever I last saw before I lose sight, is what the map still shows me (except perhaps for movable units.) This is not so much a “bug” as an “unexpected shortcoming of what’s billed as a complete toolkit.”

I mostly agree with you, I bought it when it was on sale under 10USD, as I’m also developing my own RTS system, but could gain really nothing from it… By the way, I think the missing multiplayer support is not a problem as it is no more than a starter kit.
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