RTS Style Camera

I’m still pretty new to Unreal, moved from Unity, but have been trying to teach myself the last few days. My goal is to make the basics for an RTS for now. I have been trying to consume as many tutorials as possible and have started trying to work on my own thing now. I know C++ but for now I’ve been mostly trying to stick to blueprints…because it’s pretty fun!

This is what I’ve come up with so far for moving the camera in an RTS style. The camera actually moves like it is supposed to using the arrow keys. One thing I noticed though was that if I’m moving right and don’t let go of the right arrow, but tap the left arrow and let go. It resets my camera move speed back to zero and holding the right no longer does anything. Any one have any ideas how to fix this? Also any tips on cleaning up my blueprints/doing something the wrong way would be appreciated!

Edit (spelling &):
Thought I should mention that I’m using a Player Controller to control a Pawn that has an empty static mesh for the root object. With a Spring Arm and Camera Attached. So this Player Controller Blueprint drives the Pawn around.


Alright I know this wasn’t very long between my posts but I made some changes. I’m still having the same issues using the arrow keys where pressing one cancels the other. But I feel like using Axis instead of actions looks/works a lot smoother.