RTS Prototype

Added a new unit - LRV:



I am interested in this RTS. Can you please tell me about the planned factions of this game? I am also curious about the setting.

Overall its looking very good.

There will be 2 factions when (IF) the game is released, and I plan to add third in an expansion. The setting is my fictional lore I’ve made up. Fictional planet, two fictional races, etc… It’s still not coherent enough to talk about at this point, but I do have a rough idea :slight_smile:

What news/updates do you have?
So, let me ask you some Unreal questions, do you use Blueprints on everything?

Do you have in mind about adding Sea and Air Units?

I’ve added resource deposits the factions in the game will mine to gain credits:

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Not everything, but about 98% of the code is currently in BP, simply because prototyping in BP is much faster. Once I have more final idea of how the game systems should work, I will start rewriting the least performant parts of them in C++.

And yes, water and air units planned, but still quite far on the todo list. The main goal is to have very simple playable skirmish scenario, with a few buildings to build, few units to build, resource gathering and basic AI. Basically something a player can actually play and win. That will test if most of the game systems are in place and work properly.


Loving the idea and looks awesome, mining it ala C&C so you will have some kind of havesters errr (miners) and a Structure that the miners can go back to release the ores?

I have some good ideas, if you like me to share them let me know, I can PM you those ideas

Interesting, start small and then expand little by little.

Yes, there will be “harvesters” and “refineries”.

I don’t really need ideas at the moment, since I have quite clear vision of what still needs to be done. All I need is time and money, and I am running short on both :smiley:

Such a quotable line. Everyone has ideas, ideas are never the issue.

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Yes, everyone has ideas :slight_smile: It’s having the skills to turn them into reality what’s truly rare :slight_smile:

That’s even better.

I hope not, stopping right now will be really sad, it will be nice to learn more about your RTS vision, anyway you have my support, cheers mate.