RTS (Point & Click) AI patrol & attack with Blueprints?

I’m a designer working on my on (Point & Click) RTS as a side project. I thought I would post here in an effort to get some advice (at the moment I’m focusing on the AI). I feel like I understand the fundamental flow in logic required for AI to perform certain actions, I’m just finding it difficult to find the specific BP nodes relevant to the actions.

For now I’m keeping my test map simple, I already have a central area where the player can place/build BP structures (farm, bases etc). I now want AI to spawn randomly around the the map (ideally around the edge of a base radius). If the Ai stumbles across the player (or buildings), I want the Ai to attack forcing the player to defend.

My Goals (AI Breakdown):
Spawn AI randomly on map (Randomly select map vector & spawn Ai at location?)
AI patrols area, ideally weighted something like this… (75% random location / 25% directed towards player/building location).
AI attacks if player/building is located in its radius.

I would be grateful for any feedback, whether it be a direct example of Blueprints (or just the nodes) to use, or simply tutorials. My game is looking pretty good and I think even some basic attacking AI would be a huge step forward.

Thanks in advance for any advice.