RTS Player Controller Example (Bad one)

So guys this is my first day using the engine. I made a quick RTS camera player controller. Its honestly a very rough example. It includes no comments, no configuration variables, and I feel like its a terrible way to do what I am doing. I think there would be better options that don’t require using the “tick” event. Also sense we check the mouse position linearly (like step by step) it means that the camera wont ever scroll “diagonal”.

All in all I think this is a terrible way to do this but I am sure it will help someone out!

If you guys know better ways to do things then let me know cause I would love to know theres a better way.

all in all I think I could have coded this in like 30 minutes and it took me close to 5 hours to do it through blueprint… though I know how to code much better then blueprint.

Anyways so heres the control blueprint

Theres the exported GameMode, Pawn, and PlayerController Suggestions welcome!

I think a better way to do this would be to move the camera towards the mouse position after it entered the edge of screen threshold.

Im not really sure how to do it, but im gonna play with it tomorrow and see if I can simplify this some! Right now its just really messy

Hmm no comments on this? I feel like maybe I should take screen shots? I see alot of blue prints being shared here that way. Is that generally the accepted method for sharing blueprints with people?

Hi Trixer,

A lot of users do choose to share blueprints via screenshots, which helps others to see what they are doing and either assist or learn from them rapidly. I hope you are enjoying the engine thus far, and if you need any help we have many great tutorials and samples available to see on here, our youtube channel, or the wiki pages!

Showing large screenshots of blueprints would help indeed. :smiley: