RTS Networking and net cull distance.

I searched around to find a similar topic but was unsuccessful so here’s my question.

My info on how Net Cull distance works is a little foggy.

My Assumption is Net Cull Works by getting the player controller location (I assume it attaches to a character) and performs the is replicating through that,

In an RTS game when your overhead character should not determine whether the net cull is working, how would you go about using your pawns(ai) to determine isreplicating? Primarily for multicast functions and what not?

Is there a method to this?

I’m not opposed to C++ if it’s a requirement, if it is how would you go about setting that in the code? (I am not a proficient C++ programmer, but know some basics.)

My initial thought would maybe be a sphere around the pawn and whose in it to determine if they’re replicating to the corresponding characters.

If I’m way off the mark for all of this please do let me know.

and just to be specific. In the multiplayer RTS when a multicast is done for lets say spawning an emitter, you can see the emitter if your within the distance of it with your overhead character (which should not be happening.) I’d like to eliminate this.

Thanks ahead for any replies.