RTS looking for Free Hobby Programmer

Hi I’m currently working on a n RTS style game and am in need of a programmer more just to help with a single feature. You will be credited for all work.

I moved your thread to “Got Skills? Looking for Talent?”


I have two questions.

first: Blueprint or c++?
second: If blueprint, what feature do you want?

I would like to help :slight_smile:

  • Linus

Yes it’s all BP. I’m looking for a feature where when you place a town center it creates a circle border live civ five around it. But this border also has to be able to be expanded with a paint brush like feature in which you paint the area you wish to become your land (much like the zoning tool in city skylines). Most buildings have to be built within this zone, however stuff like watch towers can be built outside. Thank you for replying

That sounds like quite a bit of decent, why aren’t you paying exactly?

It’s on a percentage and publicity basis. Ie, better the game does, the more publicity and the more money you’d earn. It’s a super indie production, small unpaid team

There’s this thing called “royalty.” I really think you should of said you were paying by ROYALTY. Unpaid suggest absolutely nothing in return regardless of production.

why do you bother to ask? he has no money, nor will he make any. so just work for free for him, and look what he’s gonna do with it.