RTS learning project[tips and help appreciated!]

So i love RTS games and i never think there can be enough good ones of them.

So this post is on my project into making a simple(but possibility to expand on)

What my initial goal is:

Making a building that can spawn a unit by pressing a key

Making said buildings spawned units move away if there is already a unit spawned(keep the spawn point fixed but make the unit overlapping move a step to the side in a radius around the building)

Being able to set a rally point for the spawned units

Being able to select the units by click and drag and give them a move order

Giving the units resource costs(first just points of course before starting to flesh out a complete resource system ^^)

To be updated as i go along and reach my goals and make new ones.

My background:
I am a front end web developer by trade but my programming skills are very limited, i have a hard time learning OOP so i will be doing most of everything in the powerful blueprint system.
I have dabbled some in 3D modeling, but i am no artist, i can make simple assets but more complex things are out of my reach so this will be basically “Cubes! the Real Time Strategy game”

With other words, i am no game developer by a long run, i have played around in the Cryengine to and made some very basic silly stuff mostly involving level design.

My request to everyone walking by my little project?
Tips, snippets, Blueprint examples, tutorial links, anything you can spare to help me out with, it will be very much appreciated, and hey if by some fluke chance i actually turn this into a decent releasable game, your names will be in the credits in gold and fancy rendering!

Reserved for future additions, most likely the images

I am currently creating a basic RTS game made only using Blueprints. So far its just a time-pass project and i’ve done the basic camera movements (panning, zooming etc), placing buildings, move unit etc. I will post a video later. :slight_smile:

Great, cant wait to see it!

Here it is: [VIDEO] (NEW UPDATE #2!) RTS (Real-Time Strategy) Example using Blueprints only. - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums