RTS - Halo Wars Style 100% Blueprints All Gamepad Controlled

RTS Game inspired by Halo Wars
100% Blueprint All Gamepad Controlled

Project Files can be found here - http://1drv.ms/1LIv7cc

Bug Fixed - Building System

Known Bugs - Collect Resources
Known Bugs - Menu Won’t Show after building destroyed on some instances

Yeah, neato! Are you planning selling this/making a game with it?

Just a start but planning on implementing all the core functions that halo wars has. As far as assets creation goes… maybe I could get the community involved just starting to learn how to do 3d modeling as you can tell :stuck_out_tongue: but it’ll probably be a free project.

Hi twinnaz06, I could imagine this system well in my project.
I’ll help you with the start of poly modeling if you want.
Simply PM me.

Any news on that twinnaz06?

Im a tester now! Gimme gimme gimme!

Just uploaded !!