RTS "Global World War Generals"

Hello, We are a team of portals and Two forums are one of the best portals on games series cnc, in particular - all the strategies that have ever existed in the world. Many participants of the portal are expert players in the modern game, some of them even earn a professional in the field of cyber sports. It is the cyber sports and focused our project “Global World War Generals” (working title). Generals - a RTS (real time strategy) game aimed at a rapid solution of this or that tactical or economic problems. The player has to do to make traps, rapid attack and capture of resources in order to realize an advantage over rivals.
Now our project needed more modelers, programmers, artists

more information here:

All interested can contact me on:
Skype : Pusciferfly
Mail :

hello there

really nice to find people interested in RTS gams i rlllly loved generals zero hour , and i wish i could play it today ^^

i wish i could help you guys , but i am an amateur, and i can’t really be of any help

good luck guys

It would be best for this to be put into the “Got skills, Looking for talent” section. Because you are looking for people to help. (Fix Needed to need. If you are looking for help.)
And when you finally have a team put together. Make a thread in the ‘Work in Progress’ part of the forum.

Wish you luck on your game. Generals is one of my favorite games! :slight_smile: (Hey mods. Could you move this?)

I am interested in your skills: programming, drawing, modeling, etc.

project -