RTS game looking artists & programmers!

Project Title:
Project Dark Star (Working title)

We’re building a story driven RTS that’s set immediately after World War 3, in the near future. In the game, god comes down from the sky and brings his angels. They stop the nations from warring and bring peace to the world. But when strange events begin happening, like cities of people vanishing overnight, and rumors of UFOs in the night sky start abounding, a group gets together to begin seeking out the truth.
This game will have a unique story, strong characters, and a fun unit management/battling system.

Dozens of units, some with unique upgrades that can only be unlocked by keeping them alive through battle.
A unique and compelling story.

Team Structure:
Creative Director/Programmer - Aaron
Composer - Tobi
Audio Special FX - Derek
Concept Artist - RJ
3D Artists 1 - Nick
Lead Writer - Mateus

Previous Work:
N/A - We’ve done a UE4 game jam, but this is our first real project.

Talent Required:
Looking for:
Lead Programmer (Blueprint/some C++)
Secondary Programmer (Blueprint)
3D artists - At least 2
Environment Creator
Visual FX Artist

None yet

Skype: atcraiger
PM me on here

We are serious about this game and as such have set out a deadline. We plan to be on steam greenlight by April 1st, with a totally finished game within a few months of that. Anybody who joins us can use this game in their portfolio, and if we make money, we’ll be splitting it up fairly. We are a fun and easy going team, but do want to complete this game, so you can expect to be asked about your progress once a week. Nobody is expected to work 10 hours a day, just what you’re able.
We’re making real progress in the game, with a rough prototype, concept art, and full 3D being made now.
If you have any questions or want to join, contact me, I’d love to hear from you!


Well everyone is certainly entitled to their opinion. I’m not sure where you think the game is heading, but we are a serious team that want to make a fun and unique game. I hope to be able to prove you wrong in about 5 months once we have a prototype to play, I can send it to you early on, if you’re interested to see how it turns out.

I like the story!
^^ me like weird things.
Good luck with your project.

I can’t take 90% of your post seriously - they seem like they’re coming from a 13 year old who thinks he’s a master of the game development industry.

I didn’t claim his idea was grand or that I believed it - he’s obviously shooting for a fictional and not a realistic setting for his project. Still, for you to tell him you can’t take him seriously and verge on calling his idea offensive seems unnecessary.

I don’t think your criticisms were helpful, and to be honest they didn’t make much sense.

Hi. im a 3D artist whos loking to be a part of a project to build my portfolio. i was wondering if it was possible for me to join and get some portfolio pieces developed, im lacking art to showcase so i need to build some. please contact me if your interested in having me on the team, thanks.