RTS Engine in progress

Hello all!

I recently put my rts engine as open-source. It is in development (50%) It can be found here using ogre3d. I want to make it easy to use with Unreal Engine and check if anyone want to join to create this rts library?

It would be fun and great to develop a better RTS-library with people here that we can use with Unreal Engine 4. Right now this rts engine is integrated with ogre3d but my plan is the separate the rts functionality from the 3d-renderer so it can easily be integrated with unreal engine.

Please start making pull requests to Epic in github. :slight_smile:

That sounds like a great idea

I wonder if people will use this rts library, if i know people want an rts library i will continue make it but i’m not sure because it’s a lot of work. At the moment i’m making it for ogre3d but i want to make it for unreal engine i think more people will use it here with unreal engine as well. At the moment it’s a game engine but i will change it to a simple to include library you can easily use with any c++ project and i will make it very easy to include in an unreal engine project, if people want to use it that is