RTS Camera

Hello.I made rts style camera edge panning style.With enums and calculating mouse position things. There is no problem with that everything works fine.When i made all edge panings.I mean down,up,left,right,down-right,down-left,up-left-up-right.I get problem with “Left Up”.When i start the game after 10 15 seconds later i don’t know exactly the time it always changes. My player character suddenly destroys without cause.Nowhere in my blueprints i have Destroy Actor or sth like that. I couldn’t understand this. It only happens when i activate left up. Others doesn’t cause problem. Also it happens on client side.Not server.
I watched this tutorial .

And also i discovered that when i alt tab the game mouse cursor goes to left up corner everytime.

Is this bug ? Any solutions ?

And also this is not about Kill Z.

I understand it in the server it always move to left up corner because of that it goes too far and it destroys the character. So why it moves to left up ?

Thank you very much. :slight_smile: