RTS Camera Setup


currently, I am trying to create an RTS camera with c++. So far I have created the setup for the user input and hooked up a way to use the user widget designer blueprint. So I can create the hud visually and all the coding stuff within c++.
I have followed a basic ue4 tutorial where the movement functionality was applied to a pawn. So no PlayerController is currently used.

The Problem I have is that I cannot setup the movement based on mouse move over these borders. So for instance move Right can only be found if I turn off context sensitive within the node selector and as target its always default pawn.
So what is the best way to do what I want or how can I fix this problem to use the move Right/Forward function as needed?
And another question would be how can I bind to a function which I have created inside my UUserWidget class?

So my basic input setup looks like this:

My camera view looks like this:

The camera its self is an is derived from a Pawn class and contains a root component and a camera component.


A long time ago I posted a C++ Rts camera mini tutorial. I still use it so I can share it again tomorrow.

I found it:

but you can omit all the UFUNCTION() macros