RSSFeeder - Easily add news to your game!


We’re proud to announce yet another plugin release! This time we’re launching RSSFeeder, a plugin that allows you to work with RSS Feeds & it’s articles to make adding dynamic news into your game a piece of cake!

RSSFeeder is currently set to launch on Wednesday the 25th of April at about 3 PM EST! It’ll be launching on the Unreal Engine marketplace for a mere $14.99!

To celebrate the launch of RSSFeeder we’re giving away a free copy! All you need to do to participate is leave a reply to this thread, and you’ll be entered to win a free copy! Giveaway participation closes on Wednesday the 25th of April at 3PM EST.



  • A High-Level Interface For Grabbing an RSS Feed
  • Article Grabber That Can Filter Out HTML That Has An Only Preset That Will Only Show Text Inbetween Articles, HTML Tag Removing preset For Removing The Head, Scripts And Any Other HTML Tags It can Find, And An As-Is Preset That Leaves The HTML In.
  • Functions For Getting Article Metadata
  • A Low-Level Interface For Grabbing RSS Feeds That Allows You To Traverse Over The RSS Feed’s XML Yourself
  • A Get Node Sibling Function That Allows You To Itterate Over XML Siblings
  • A Get Node Child Sibling Function That Allows You To Get At A Specific XML Node’s Child
  • A Get Node Value Value Function That Allows You To Get A Text Representation Of An XML Node

Where can I find RSSFeeder’s documentation?
Please note that we’re still working on finalizing the documentation before it’s release, but you can find the (allways up-to-date) google docs version here:…it?usp=sharing!

Which platforms will RSSFeeder work on?
We currently only support Windows, but if in popular demand, we may consider supporting other platforms (like Linux and Mac OS X) too! Interested in support for these platforms? Please leave a reply to this thread!

When will RSSFeeder be releasing?
We currently plan on releasing RSSFeeder on Wednesday the 25th of April at about 3PM EST (that’s 7PM GMT)!

I’m having an issue, or want to suggest a feature! What do I do?
If you’re having an issue, please first check the documentation and/or example project. If this doesn’t help you with your RSSFeeder issue, please leave a reply to this thread or get in touch with us via email (see the final section of the documentation or our marketplace seller profile for our email address). If you have a feature suggestion, then please leave a reply to this thread telling us what you would love to see added to RSSFeeder, and if you can, why you’d want it added!

What are the requirements?
RSSFeeder currently only supports Windows (see the Which platforms will RSSFeeder work on section for more details), and you will need to be running a webserver/website that has an RSS feed & pages in order for RSSFeeder to get your game’s news. Please note that the documentation does not currently cover setting this up, so refer to your CMS’s documentation or website’s developer for more information about RSS feeds.

We’re glad to announce that we’re rescheduling the launch of RSSFeeder to Wednesday the 25th of April at about 3PM EST (7PM GMT)! We recently had to postpone the launch due to a bug that could result in unwanted lag when fetching large articles, but have now resolved this issue and performed even more QA to ensure the best possible experience for the end user!

Furthermore I’d like to note that we have (re)opened the giveaway again! You can now participate to win a free copy of RSSFeeder till 25/04/2018 @ 3PM EST by leaving a reply to this thread! Don’t miss this opportunity to have a chance to win a free copy worth $14.99!

RSSFeeder is now available on the Unreal Engine 4 Marketplace! You can find it here:

You may notice that there isn’t currently an Unreal Engine 4.19 version, but this should be solved within the next 24-48 hours. In order for us to support Unreal Engine 4.16 we had to publish it before submitting an update, and due to a bug we wouldn’t even have been able to submit this update. The update has now been submitted, and we hope that it’ll be processed as soon as possible. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

We hope you’ll enjoy using RSSFeeder and if you’re experiencing any issues or have any questions, then please leave a reply to this thread, or send me an email (see

Where do we have those examples with the code to take all notices from the xml?

For those interested in their Example Project, they uploaded it here: - Google Drive