RSI Syndrome

Hey guys,
I’m curious, anyone else here having health problems working all day long with your pc mouse ?
Since like 2 weeks i have some pain in my right hand, especially in my fingers, my doctor says i got the RSI Syndrome and i should
change my working position and my mouse to a vertical mouse. Alreday after two days i can say the vertical mouse seams to help but it takes some
time to getting used to it.

My Cousin had that. Just take breaks every once and a while. Also vertical mouses do help as your doctor said. If worse comes to worse… Get a trackball. :slight_smile:

Look into getting a wacom tablet and pen to use in leu of a mouse some of the time. Also look at learning more keyboard shortcuts, they can really cut down on all the mousing you need to do. You definitely want to pay attention to your body and cut back if you need to.

This all helps but working in 3ds max with a trackball or tablet hmmm i don’t know. I’m alreday around 30% less productive with the vertical mouse in max, at least i get used to worked with the vertical mouse.
But i’m very happy that the vertical mouse is helping.

I used to have this same issue. I then spent a few hundred on a decent chair that I could also move the armrest exactly to be level with my mouse. The next and probably most important part was I bought a “beanie” that was made for a keyboard to rest your wrist on. I use that for my mouse instead. Havent had any pain in years and I work a fair bit every day.

I’m also thinking about a new chair and even table but for now the new mouse and mousepad with wrist support works very well. But i’m a bit scared that the pain and problems will come one day back.
I mean it’s like absolutly inpossible to work with this pain decent.

What is this keyboard beanie? i can’t find anything.

get this:

or 2. Nothing beats rolling 2 at once while on meeting. Everybody thinks you are furiously doing something unmentionable.

A really good idea is to set yourself on a schedule.

There are apps for all platforms that one can use to set this up and get desktop alerts.

Sitting is a killer.

/me goes back to sit down

The “beanie” I speak about is a mini beanbag you rest your hand on to be level with the mouse. Much of the hand strain comes from your wrist being oriented at an angle.

ok cool, thanks for the links and tips!