RR Mod with existing Plugin

Howdy everyone,

Robo Recall is great, thus the modding begins.

I wanted to implement a custom plugin into Robo Recall.
When I put the plugin into the Plugins folder, it fails to load complaining

The followng modules are missing or built with a different engine version:
Would you like to rebuild them now?
Yes/No (Neither work)

This leads me to ask a couple of questions to try and solve my problem.

A. I know plugins can’t depend on one another. Since the Mods behave like Plugins could this be the root of the issue?

B. Is it an Unreal Engine issue? I have a version of the plugin built for 4.14 and 4.15. I’m assuming that the Robo Recall Modkit might’ve been built with an internal & modified version of the Unreal Engine. This would mean that my Plugin would also need to be built with the same version to be usable in the Robo Recall Modkit.

C. Both 1 and 2 are at work here.

Workaround Questions:

1. Can you load a third party DLL inside of Unreal without using a Plugin?
2. Is there the ability to get Epic to build a version of the plugin so it could work in Robo Recall if it’s just issue A? Any precedent for it?
3. If it is just issue A, could I create my mod as an individual module of the already developed plugin? IIRC modules can depend on one another.
4. Anything I forgot to check to help me diagnose A, B or C? Any other possibilities?

I appreciate any assistance that could be offered.


Was at VRLA over the weekend and chatted with some of the RoboRecall modding devs. Ended up talking to a senior programmer on UE.

It boils down to mods are essentially specialized content plugins. This confirms my suspicion that you can’t get them to work with existing plugins since Plugins can’t interact with other plugins.

However, as we talked about it, the senior programmer agreed that there is a meaningful use-case here of allowing mods for games to support plugins. They have my contact information and will likely follow-up.
I’ll update this thread when more information reaches me.

I imagine that this support would first happen in a special build of UE4. Eventually it would get rolled into the general engine since this change stands to benefit modding for all current/future platforms (ARK, Conan Exiles, RR, Squad and VR Funhouse)

Thanks for gathering this info. Please post as soon as you find anything out, it would be enormously helpful.

This should be able to be done. We’ve seen it with the 3dRudder project already :slight_smile:

I’ve been in contact with Chance. We’ve worked towards diagnosing the issue.

I have passed off our plugin and he has successfully reproduced the problem that we have hit.

I am interested to see what was actually the problem for us.

Hi, is there a way to use the meshtool plugin?
I started to build a map in 4.18, and now I can start over again because you can not import anything.
At least now I want to use the mesh tool because it is totally awkward to build the terrain in maya.…1520849065.jpg…1520849096.jpg…1520849097.jpg…1520849101.jpg…1520849109.jpg