RQ - UEFN - Permission needed from Epic Game's Staff

Hi, been told by the chat and email support that I would need to post this to the forum.

Recently, Tim tweeted that anyone rebuilding map’s or locations would need permission prior due to copyright and ownership belong to Epic Games.

We are currently building our own BR Map with new POI’s and wanted to include a Futuristic Misty Meadows and Lazy Lake.

We wanted to get first hand permission before building. Of course, we would not rename them as the original names and would change the name and style :slight_smile:

Forgive me if I wasn’t suppose to post here, but I was told too by epic support.

Thank you

Hi TheJodiee,

You’re not going to get any specific permissions here on the Forums.

It sounds to me like you’d be building something new. (Just inspired by previous POIs…)

Tim and Saxs were interviewed on a Twitch Stream in which some of these ideas about IP were discussed.