RPG with dynamic gravity

Hello !

So, after many attempts on big projects I (finally) understood that I must concentrate my efforts on really small projects.
And here it is, after playing dark souls and super Mario galaxy last week I decided to make a weird mix…
An action RPG in a gravity dynamic environment.

Before going anyway further, this is not a project supposed to demonstrate any skills.
Most of the assets are from epic or the marketplace, YES I know.
It is just a project for fun.

So here are the screenshots:

The main difficulty is designing from the “wrong” side and always coming with new ideas (not just jumping from a platform to another with changing gravity)
If anyone wants to join me in this project, I would be glad to work with you! (just PM me)
And, lastly, if anyone has Ideas on levels or better, designs of levels involving gravity change… It would be awesome.
Well thank you and have a good day!

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Here a new screenshot of a lava planet

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[video]Unreal Engine Demo 06 17 2017 13 27 14 01 - YouTube
Here is a first test of the gravity system!
I made a mistake on the first post (i thought that the project contained the source code but… no so I removed the link)
Next goal is point gravity since the gravity affects all the world in the same way for now…
If anyone has an idea on how to create vectors wich points toward the center of a shape, well it would be fantastic

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Point gravity and planar gravity now works !