RPG Utility Toolkit

RPG UtilityToolkit

This kit is a great starter kit for creating RPG / Adventure type games. It includes a fully functional GUI demo, Character class System with 7 common RPG stats pre-configured, Experience System, Regeneration System, Portal System, and an Ability System. All of these systems are component driven which allows for super simple setup and configuration. Simply select the component from the add component drop down. Once that is done adjust the variables for the component drag and drop the initialize function into the main blueprint and your done.

GUI Overview: The gui demo is fully functional and includes Hit point, stamina and resource bars. Class name, players current level and how many available stat points they have not spent, experience bar, and an ability hotkey bar. The ability hotkey bars the ability to support banks (grouping) of abilities. Each bank can have any number of abilities. So it’s possible to create 1 bank of 8 abilities, or 3 banks of 10. Players can use toggle / select the ability slot and when pressing the input / mouse button the system will perform that ability.

Character Class Component: The heart of the toolkit. This component provides all of the stat setup. Simply drag or add the component and fill in the component’s variables. These include setup for Hit points, Stamina, and Resource, each of which have setting for base values, and then how many points per stat is added. This allows for a wide variety of RPG / Adventure class setups. Hit points by default are driven from vitality stat, Stamina by dexterity, and Resource by intelligence.

Character Class Functions: The class component comes with a large collection of functions allowing for code isolation and simplistic use and calling across blueprints.

Regeneration System: A simple but effective set of regeneration components are available. They have a frequency and amount per tick settings.

Experience System: The experience system comes with the ability to set base experience per level needed. To allow for flexibility and options, there is a minimal and maximum multiplier. These allow for you to have randomized experience ranges on each level up. Also provided is an experience difficulty ratio. This can allow for difficulty levels to be applied. For example players selecting easy might have a ratio of 1, while extreme difficulty might have a ratio of 5. Lastly it includes the setup for how many stat points to add to the character per level up.

Stat Point Adjust Screen: The stat point adjust screen, provides the player with the ability to apply the points they have earned from leveling up. A few key notes is players can add and remove stats, but they can never go below what the base stat for the class component is. Which is set when configuring the class component. If for example Vitality’s base stat was 10 the player could never decrease vitality to 9.

Ability System: The ability system is component driven which allows for easy and simple setup. Simply add an ability component then set the variables for the ability. These include providing particle effects for “aura” or particles centered on the player, and projectile particles as well. During setup you provide the damage calculations / ratios for the ability, if it is to have any debuff or buff affect on the player, and what the ability’s cost is. Note you can provide positive and negative values for variables such as cost and buffs / debuffs. This allows for you to setup transfer type of abilities for example consuming resource to replenish hit points with, or providing a buff that raises wisdom but lowers dexterity.

Portal System: A simple portal system is also provided. Simply add the portal blueprint to the world and add a teleport pad to the world. The portal blueprint has a simple drop down or eye dropper selector for the teleport pad. When the player steps on the portal they are moved to the teleport pad and are facing the direction the pad is pointed in. There is a pointer arrow letting you know which direction the player will be facing when the teleport is completed. Also as a debug / setup protection, any portal without a teleport pad selected during game play will provide an error message above it.

I hope you enjoy this kit and it helps get the bases for your own RPG / Adventure game going. The kit tries to be as complete as possible while yet being flexible as possible. As much of the system as possible is left flexible and easily adaptable. While a few items are a bit more tied together only out of necessity but are still able to be adapted.

I’m thinking about buying this to have a better starting point than building from scratch like I usually do. I was wondering if you’d be willing to make some tutorials to help me and others better understand what’s going on. This is a great price for those that can use this as a starting point.

Hello are you going to release this I would like to buy it as well :slight_smile:

Can I use this to make a shooter base RPG?