RPG Utility Toolkit

Wanted to provide some information about my RPG Utility Toolkit that has been submitted.

Can get an overview here:

Basically it’s a toolkit that puts together most common needed items to make a basic RPG, adventure, or similar game.

Here is a general feature list, while brief in details does provide a good overview of what is provided.

• Character Class System- Includes 7 of the most common RPG stats, ability to re-label, easy to add additional stats following provided setup. This system includes a full set of functions that can be called to perform a wide range of features.

• HitPoint, Stamina, Resource (mana) Pools with separate Regen Components

• Experience System – allows for custom and random experience rates, also includes ability to apply a difficulty ratio. System also manages adding Stat amount to a pool and allows adding or subtracting points from the character class.

• Ability System – Allows you to easily create abilities based on the ability component. Simply add the component to a character and set the particle effects for Aura and Projectile. Ability system allows for Damage amount calculation, creation of buffs and debuffs, and ability to set usage cost. System is flexible to allow for a wide variety of abilities to be created with simply filling in properties.

• HotkeyBar / Hotkey system – Abilities are placed into banks and slots. You can set up as many banks and slots as you wish. Players can toggle between slots with the number keys, or use the num-pad +/- to toggle between hotkeybars.

• GUI – Basic GUI with HP, Stam, Resource bars, Experience bar with labels for progress, level indicator, Available stats indicator, Apply Stats window allowing the player to add or remove stats. Note player can’t remove stats below starting stat points. Hotkeybar and HotkeySlot examples.

• Portal System – A simple one way teleport system. Place the portal and place a teleport pad, then using the drop down or eyedropper selection tool select the teleport pad the portal should use. When player walks into portal they will be sent to the teleport pad facing the direction the pad is rotated.

• Component Driven – The character class, Regen, Experience, and Ability systems are component driven. Allowing for easy setup and use. Simply add a component to a blueprint and fill in the properties. Each system has been made as independent as possible. Allowing for a pick and choose design.

• Easy to use – Systems are designed to be moderately complete while still allowing for customization and expansion.

As mentioned I tried to walk a fine balance of having a turn-key solution, while yet keeping things open and easily customized for the individual / team to make tweaks / changes to fit their needs. While it’s built to be more on the RPG side, I have started using this kit myself to make other types of games / demos as well. Such as using the experience system and the ability system for a side scroll game. The portal system and the stamina system to make a continuous running game, etc. So the kit has lots of creative potential as well. But fits the roll of RPG launching pad nicely.

Thank you

Hello, I like what you have done, do you know when Its going to be available, I would really like to buy this :slight_smile: