RPG UI Kit feedback

Hello guys!
I am looking for the feedback for my first GUI, that just released.

I just have a preview in the kit alongside the premade UI elements. And i wonder, what i can improve in the next update.

Any feedback will be welcomed.
Thank you!

I love this UI kit, I ended up taking it and using it as placeholder art but ended up altering it slightly and its become out main UI, very professionally done especially compared to some of the UI stuff you get these days

First the positive - it looks great. Very professional. I love seeing new UI stuff getting added to the market place. Honestly I only have one complaint and that is that the borders are too wide/thick. There is a lot of dead space between the content and the outside of the windows. I guess it’s a personal preference of mine. Just like seeing thinner borders. Just my 2 cents.

Thank you!
Any comments what remade elements to add? Spellbook, for example, or combat results windows?

Looks like you have nice skins for buttons, scroll box, and text box.
How bout some matching skins for check boxes, radio buttons, and sliders?

Good point, thank you. I’ll add them soon, definitely! :slight_smile:

Hi semilistnik. This RPG-UI-Kit is very pretty. I’m really impressed with how you utilized a combination of Font Sets: Iowan Old Style, Roboto, Vinque, Trajan Pro 3 to balance the menus out and give them a Traditional Fantasy Game* feel*. Do you have any more GUI Kits in the works? I would be very interested in what you would do with a Minimalist Menu System like this one. It would be very interesting to see UI mix the two styles: Fantasy and Minimal. Keep up the awesome work!


would anybody be able to tell me why there are so few 2D assets on the unreal marketstore?! ( ) Is there some policy that I don’t know about?

thanks for any help