RPG Turn based tutorial??

Hi guys, i want to learn how to do a JRPG or a RPG Turn based tutorial with Unreal. Does anybody know a tutorial to make these kind of games? I have looked a lot, but i can’t not find it. I would aprecciate a lot if anybody can tell me.

Hey, I had a similar question about a month ago (have a project to make my own game and decided to make a turn based JRPG in UE4) and so far I haven’t got many results (still trying to make a random encounter feature) but someone really helpful helped me with things like data tables and structures in this post (Making a JRPG - thoughts and where to start? - Unreal Engine Forums). Also I’d highly recommend you use discord and ask a few questions there, as well as have a look at this website for any more info ( I’m not too sure myself on how these will work as I’ve not been able to make anything to actually play in my game but I’m learning gradually.

Thank you very much :wink:

Ar you looking for something like this for battle system?

Check out my Turn-Based jRPG Template: