RPG text/Load text from file using blueprints

Hello. I try create RPG, so i need show a lot of text in game.

So my first question is what is the best way to store, edit and use text in my game using blueprint?

My idea is use some text file for example “quest.txt” where would be game text with some keys and i must load all text and find what i need now.
Such file is easy to edit and localize.

So my second question is how i can load text from file using blueprints?

Hi, you can’t load text files using blueprints. You can do it in cpp.

Someone need to feedback this to epic!

Any ideas about first question, work with huge amount of text?

I didn’t realise you couldn’t read a text file, so it will impact me in a later word game I want to do, where I needed to read word lists from a file. I wasn’t looking forward to using C++, bring on the lua plugin! :slight_smile:

maybe a data table can help ?

Data tabel is interesting. Someone need to make a blueprint Tutorial on DataTable…

Rama’s plugin contains a blueprint node that will allow you to load text from a file:!&p=125379&viewfull=1#post125379

Rama’s plugins should be part of UE4 by default.

He is getting lots of his stuff added actually.
As for reading a text file, that is also way different from parsing a text file for data.
Depends what you need to get out, and that in turn depends on the structure of the data, json,xml, raw etc.

If there is no support, I would probably add json parsing myself in the c++ layer to handle externalized data.
Because it is also about how you want to represent and access the data.

You can create a table by making an array of structs, reading a text file would be easy to edit by end users