RPG Stats V2

RPG Stats is V2 Now.

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V2 update, with various improvements, added multiply modifier logic and updated buff system with more advanced settings and features.

This system does include ready-to-use RPG stats system, with very wide range of features.

Linkable hierarchical stats, each stat can modify other stats, while they can modify other.

Upgrade and Leveling system, is easy to customize and use, includes cost and stats scalability.

Complex Buff system, with many features, any inventory system can be integrated easily, to modify stats.

Regenerable stats over time, like health and stamina, also with optimized code, keeps perfect performance.

Example widgets with nice features, like showing future stats while upgrading and cost increasements.

Includes fully working save/loading system from MSL toolkit as bonus, to save and load stats easily for all actors.

Complex stat system with linkable and hierarchy based stats, which can modify each other.
Buff system that can fit any needs and inventory system, with very wide features, and very optimized code.
Upgrade and leveling system with complex features, also with high possibilites of customization.
Regenerable stats, with optimized code.
Full save/loading as a bonus system, that can save and load all actors in the level and their stats.
Example widgets with features to see future stats after upgrade, and much more.
Can fit any game genre, and can be easily used without wasting time.

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