RPG SpellMaster: The Saga need your feedback!

We are a small independent gamedev team “Spellbook Creations”, developers of “SpellMaster: The Saga” - a single player third-person open world RPG with the opportunity to build your own magic academy. Our main atmosphere reference is Gothic 2: Night of the Raven.
Now our game looks like this:

Some additional information about our game:

  1. We create our game entirely on blueprints (UE4 v.4.23)
  2. A lot of graphic assets in an actial game version was bought in the Unreal Marketplace.
  3. The development of SMTS is carried out by 3 people, so we do not have the opportunity to select an individual person for the production of 3D models, as well as for VFX and animation, so we are generalists. :slight_smile:
  4. We do not have a publisher, so we promote our game ourselves.

If anyone wants, we would like to accept any help.

We will be glad to get your feedback!

One more video:

Thanks for your attention,
Spellbook Creations Team