RPG Project

Hello UE4 community,

I have been hard at work for some time with developing art work for a project myself and a programmer buddy of mine has been working on.
the general setting was a graveyard starting zone and I have been focused on making it as drab and dreary as I can.

This has been an adventure, not just in building the zone and all of it’s art but in learning the UE4 editor as I go.
I have attached various photos in different stages of progress the latest is the one with the iron fencing.

One thing I have to say is I absolutely LOVE the way UE4 renders PBR materials and brings the art work to life!

Although this project is slow in development (only 2 of us working on it) the results with many of the industry standard packages for asset creation with UE4 has been nothing short of amazing for me.

I applaud the UE4 team and look eagerly forward to what they have in store for future updates to the engine.
Thank you all for stopping by and taking a look!