Rpg / open world of no name :)

Hello fellow Community, Ive been playing around with the engine for 3 days now and decided it was time to start my WIP blog.

Game Name: Got a few in mind but will change depending on the final direction the games play style goes

Game Type: OpenWorld RPG

Combat Type : Will be Real Time and either Global Cool-down or Resource Dependent.

Art Style : Mainly SteamPunk but do plan to have some other styles for other ingame races.

Content Creation Tools.

**Modelling/Animation **
Maya 2015 LT
Silo 2
Wings 3D

Texture/Skin Touch ups
Gimp , Sadly no Photoshop CS not paying contract to only use 10-20% content tools

FL Studio

About Me:
I have been coding and using various modelling apps as a hobby for around 16 years but always found life more demanding , well finally im getting time to myself and see this a being a good way to spend it.
In the past i liked to experiment with realtime model manipulation and procedural content generation… mostly some flashy wow stuff not really practical to use :).

Game Progress.
Ever Increasing List of Goals.

  1. Full functional Spawn System.
    -Use… Will keep the areas populated and remove unnecessary enitities from the World

  2. 4*Senses Entity detection
    -Use… Proximity,LOS,Aroma,Sound in different combinations will be used by Mobs.

will be uploading some vids in a few min :slight_smile:

Spawn Manager

Proximity Pathfinding

Very First Attempt at LOS
Currently the Entity checks if you are within the range then casts a sphere in its facing direction if true. I will need to refine this but logic works soso :slight_smile:

Thats really cool for only three days. I spent the first two weeks sitting around with a huge question mark above my head.

I am especially intrigued with the steampunk setting. There are almost no steampunk RPGs I know of and I am looking forward to see some ‘steampunky’ assets.

Thankyou for your nice words of encouragement :slight_smile:

Started to Sketch out the starting area with props and testing lighting for placeholders.

This will be a Workshop and Hub during early content before roaming the wilds. The building will be situated inside a small cave system within the city sewers.

Personal Notes
-Lightings need to be brighter
-need to reduce number flat faces in direct light and decrease the depth of some rock wall.


Fired up Silo 2 today in preparation for World Place holder models and Templates for Zbrush Sub tools


Followed by a quick subdivision set for base mesh integrity only 3 low poly models need more work so happy chappy


Excellent work so far! I am huge steam punk fan so I will be following this thread very closely. Very excited to see what else you have in store for us.

Looks pretty cool, will follow. Just a suggestion, personally on the proximity path finding, I’d try and make it to where if you get too close to the AI the camera doesn’t jump like it was doing the certain parts of the second video. I also don’t really like Steampunk style but I think it adds a good amount of character design possibilities.

Nice work so far, keep it up man!