RPG Open World Development - Looking for small time help

If you’re looking for a small project to work on over a great deal of time, I need your help. I’ve started a project of creating an open world rpg styled game which requires graphic designers, game design, concept artists, programmers, etc. Any help is greatly appreciated if you’re willing to work on your skills with a focused group. Work at your own pace, take the time that you need. We’re here to gain better skills, share with one another and develop a working game. Contact me, or comment if you’re interested! Thank you.

I have been working with unreal blueprints for a few months, so I am really new at it.
I am really dedicated to learning, but to keep me motivated I think it’s time to team up and try to make an actual game.
If this is geared toward building skills and learning how to work in a team environment then I would be will to help.

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Please tell us more about the Game? What makes it unique and special…

Sounds good techlord, I’ll update my post asap!

Hey guys here is an updated summary as to what makes our game special and unique, as well as more information about it! So far I have a team of 4 (hopefully 6 soon), and we all went in to this knowing it will not be an easy, or quick task to create a large-scale open world game. We know it will also require a lot of resources which is why we could use more people with different skillsets and minds! Any open-world RPG isn’t a simple task, but the main idea of this project is to meet new people, collaborate, share skills, help one another, and eventually make a well-thought out game with a tremendous amount of effort from a group of dedicated people! The idea of this game is that it is a post-apocalyptic city where the population faced a major drop because of a bacteria that couldn’t be controlled by modern-day antibiotics. Over the course of 300 years into the future, mankind slowly has been trying to develop a cure while the people have been at a civil war. Factions were created, two of the main factions one being scientists working for a cure while using the nature that has taken over because of the lack of a population to control it, and the opposite being a faction solely dedicated to keeping those plants and nature alive. There are many other small factions as well the player will be able to interact with. The game will have a crafting system, traits and perks system, a stealth aspect, and much more. We are looking for C# and C++ programmers, concept artists, 3-D Modelers, UE4 developers, and blueprint creators. This project wasn’t created to be a 24/7, every day of the week, 8 hours a day project. We solely just want to choose our times to develop, and do what we can for the amount of time we have. Nobody is also forced into doing anything as well, it’s all based on what you feel comfortable with creating. We want dedicated people, and we want passionate people! Thank you for reading, contact me through PM, or email me @

Thank you,


There is a modern day genetic technology called CRISPR/Cas-9 that could virtually eliminate any bacteria/virus that threatens future human life like MRSA Superbug. There is more concern about of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) exponentially evolving itself into a Super Intelligence threatening the future of the Homosapien sapien.

Thus, the possibility of sub-nano/ femto-robotics transmuting humans into hyper infectious Zombie Cyborgs controlled by a Supreme Artilect is more probable in 300 years. Google: The Artilect War.

However, I can see some plot parallels between your game concept and ours Open-World Action RPG Hybrid set in Apocalyptic World shattered by Dimensional Space/Time Rifts. We’ve initiated development a few months back building systems that will support game development beyond one product. How far along is your team in the development process? Perhaps we could collaborate. Lets discuss further over here.

Yes that could possibly happen but I believe you forgot one thing. That scenario is only more plausible if the world kept going the way it is now.
If say in a year from now this so called virus/bacteria started to ravish the world it would put technology and the need for advanced Ai on the back burner.
Society would fall apart and leave everything at a stagnant state for a long time.

Also the book seems interesting. I will be checking it out and your stories premise also seems very interesting TechLord.

CRISPR Tech is already here and its what they are using against a bacteria resistant to antibiotics such as the MRSA Superbug. Other words of interest include Gene Drives and Synthetic Biology. In the event, such a virus started rapidly ravishing the earth, efforts to develop those AGI would be increased not reduced, as Science would be using AGI to develop a cure.

I mention it as food for thought using current Bio Tech breakthroughs. The same tech could possibly be used to engineer an Apocalyptic Synbiotic Organism that transmutes Humans into Cannibalistic Psychopaths in hours, if it falls into the wrong hands.