RPG Inventory System with Item Equip

Hello, Unreal Community!

I am Thokash, creator of the RTS Toolkit.
I began a second project back in June - the RPG Template. Between then and now I have mainly focused on the inventory system and I ended up having a lot of fun designing it! You can check out my original post here:

For those of you who have used the RTS Toolkit, you have seen that it serves as both a template and a learning tool. In the RTS Toolkit, the learning focused on an intro to blueprints and interfaces. The RPG Inventory System is very similar in that it will be both a template for an inventory system and a learning tool. Unlike the RTS Toolkit, this project will focus on an intro to UI, Structs, and Enums and how they can all work together!

The inventory system itself is very similar to what you’d see in an RPG like the Witcher, Mass Effect, or Dragon Age. In fact, the inspiration for the layout came from my favorite game of all time KotOR.
Just for clarification, when I say inventory system, I really mean everything you would expect from an inventory system in an RPG. This includes:

Inventory UI

  • Pause menu
  • Loot screens for lootable objects
  • On-screen prompts for looting and other functions
  • Interactive loot buttons with item thumbnail
  • Customizable item descriptions and stats displayed within the inventory


  • Entirely customizable items
  • Variables for item mesh, thumbnail, name, item stats, item description, item weight, and much more
  • Item rarity tiers from common to legendary (customizable stat in the item)
  • Item types which currently include materials, weapons, armor, gold, usables (health potions, mana potions, etc.), quest items
  • 4 helmet meshes, 4 sword meshes
  • Stackable items
  • Player modifiers on armor/weapons that, when equipped, increase character stats like strength or total health (customizable stat in item)
  • Usable items such as health potion or mana potion that, when used, heal/restore character stats over time
  • Ability to quickslot usable items to the HUD

Lootable Objects

  • Lootable objects with exposed variables for customization
  • Random loot generation based on customizable drop tier settings (RNG, basically)
  • Customizable mesh (just about everything here has an exposed variable for customizable mesh)

Important Player Features

  • Health, mana, and stamina bars each with regeneration functions
  • Character portrait (the sad smiley face in the videos/screenshots
  • Character stats including health, mana, stamina, strength, intelligence, dexterity, carry weight, gold count

Other Essential Inventory Functions

  • Ability to break down most items into materials
  • Ability to drop items
  • Dropped items spawn a dropped item in the world that can then be looted
  • Stackables can be split when dropped
  • Items like armor and weapons can be equipped

If you have any questions feel free to contact me! I will be submitting this to the Marketplace this week for review!


Thank you!

Forgot to mention this was done entirely in blueprints.

looks very good. So this is a very big toolset with massive features: What is the prizing?
And how does the integration into another project work. People usually dont want to destroy there hardly worked player blueprint.

Where is the Multiplayer?

Kanizitas - Thank you for the kind words! You are correct, this is a rather large toolset. I’m not 100% sure about pricing at this moment other than the fact that this will, for sure, be one of the least expensive inventory systems on the Marketplace if not THE least expensive. As for your concern, if you wanted to start a brand new project and implement this inventory system it would be no extra steps other than adding it to any fresh project. However, as you stated, if you have a player blueprint that you’ve worked hard on there would be extra steps involved. I assure you it’ll be much easier to import this into a new project than importing my RTS Toolkit (which was its own game template). I will be sure to add that into the documentation for the inventory system! I may even release tutorial videos for working with the inventory system, as well.

A quick video showing many features in the RPG Inventory System:

Good news! The RPG Inventory System has been approved for the Marketplace! Now just working out the details!

looking very good.
was looking at the GB toolkit but you have my full attention with this now.

TheRutt - Thank you! Surprised you found this since I haven’t necessarily been as active with this thread as much as I was with the RTS Toolkit, although that’s partly due to a shockingly similar named project that’s being released at the moment :rolleyes:

It’s been submitted and approved so far, just waiting to hear back from the Marketplace now! I’m hoping next few weeks it’ll be out and available. Between the video and submission I did a few SMALL tweaks to make it a bit more like an RPG I’m somewhat addicted to at the moment (Fallout). Nothing big changed, though.