[RPG] Hajduk Age

Hajduk Age Test Combat (+ Loot) 0001 (w/ placeholders)

Hajduk Age Test Conversation 0001 (w/ placeholders)

Hajduk Age Test Conversation 0002

Im curious why you chose that name, “Hajduk”?

It’s a regional (Central/Eastern Europe) folk hero type, similar to Robin Hood.
Witcher/hexer already famous, how about hajduk, too? :smiley:


I thought so, i come from the old Yugoslavia region. Wish you success on this project.

Who is doing the voice acting?

Really not bad.

As a thought experiment I built a robot as a middleware for automating content creation cross engines. The main focus was storyline (quests, etc.). The current prototype requires a static source repository (in this case an older AAA game), the goal being to prove that in the near future a dynamic AI can be plugged in and create epic storylines RPGs on-the-fly, without the need to manually entering data into a toolset. The current prototype is functional enough to fully convert the static source repository quests and dialogues automatically to be digested and presented via unreal engine.