RPG game team unwritten searching for a storyteller

Hello, im jara. Our team (“unwritten” is the name of the game) is currently in need for someone who:

  • thinks of the story of the game
  • writes the dialog
  • thinks of classes, places, and characters (as in, personality) in the game.

Stuff like that. We (programmer and two game artists) managed it to start abit with the game without story. First we had a storywriter, but she quitted after a few days because she felt alot of pressure. Title screen, maincharacters, environments and a few mobs and gear are made. Also before she quit she left a bit of a story for us. With that bit we started working. But we can’t continue without the rest.

If you are interested, contact me:

Skype: jarajaramelon
Email: Jarafee@hotmail.com

Hello there Jara,

I am an experienced writer and business owner (web development, blogging and online marketing).
Unfortunately your e-mail adress is not working (i’m getting an error). Please contact me with your correct e-mail adress by sending me an e-mail:
. I will then provide you with a detailed description of my services and experience.

I studied at New York Film Academy and I have a couple of RPG writing projects in my portfolio. How can I send it to you directly? I’m afraid it can’t be delivered to the hotmail address.